Thursday, February 9, 2017

Senior Parents & Students

Hello Senior Parents & Families,

I hope you all are having a great last year of high school! As we bring the fall semester to a close it is important that we discuss a few things for the Class of 2017.  In almost every Insider that is sent I mention something about Project Graduation.  As a high school educator I am aware of the purpose for project grad, and I support it 100%.  However, as I share out about it I wonder if you all are aware of the purpose?

Project Graduation is a program offered by high schools to provide an alcohol and drug free event for students to celebrate graduation.  We know teenagers will be excited and want to have “fun” but our goal is to make sure they have fun in a safe alcohol-free and drug-free environment.  In order to make this event happen we need your support.

Right now we have approximately 5 people trying to raise money for over 450 seniors!  In short, we need your help!  We have to raise money to make sure our students can have this safe event.  There is a Square account where you can make a monetary donation that is the simplest way to take part in Project Graduation.

I am also attaching the website for you to see what else you can take part in to support your child and our students.  I am not one to ask for money or even talk about it, but when our goal is $18,000 and we are half way through the school year with $2,300 for this event I am concerned.  Please take the time to contribute monetary donations to the Square account or take part in the various fundraisers to support our seniors.

Our students only graduate high school once and we want to make this event amazing for them. J

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I have attached the website link ( and the coordinator email (Vicky Motiu at for project graduation.

Thank you in advance for supporting our students before they leave us for college and beyond.


Tiffany Spicer

Tiffany Spicer, Ph.D.
Proud Principal of THE Leander High School